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2015 Session Budget Conferees to HB 1400

February 19, 2015:  The members of the Joint Conference Committee on the Budget Bill, House Bill 1400, have been appointed.  Beginning today, February 19, 2015 meetings involving the budget conferees will be taking place at various times and can occur any time between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and midnight.  Meeting locations are typically either on the 9th or 10th floor committee rooms in the General Assembly Building.

For further information, please contact either the Senate Finance Committee staff at (804) 698-7480 or the House Appropriations Committee staff at (804) 698-1590.

Senate Budget Conferees

House Budget Conferees

2015 Session Meetings

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2015 Budget Information

Information pertaining to the 2015 Budget is available on the State Budget tab above, or access the LIS State Budget page (click here).   

February 24, 2015:

Joint Conference Committee Report on House Bill 1400, 2015 Session
Click here for complete document.

February 11, 2015:  
Overview of SB 800:  Senate Finance Committee Amendments to SB 800, as Introduced 2014-16 Budget.  
Click here for full document.

January 13, 2015:
Summary of the Governor's Proposed Amendments to the 2014-16 Budget, Introduced as Senate Bill 800 / House Bill 400

These documents were prepared jointly by the staffs of the Senate Finance Committee and House Appropriations Committees, January 13, 2015.  Click here for full document.

SB 800 / HB 1400 Appendices:

Appendix A.  
Aid for Public Education 2014-15

Appendix B.  
Aid for Public Education 2015-16

Appendix C.  
Summary of Detailed Actions in Budget

Appendix D.  
Capital Outlay

Appendix E.  
Detailed Employment Summary

2015 Session Information

Committee Policies for Considering Tax Credit Bills. Click here.

Committee Procedures for Acting on Bills Referred. Click here.


Additional Information:

Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission (MIRC):  Please visit the MIRC Web site for presentation materials and additional information.

Senate Members: House Members:
  • Walter A. Stosch
  • Janet D. Howell
  • Emmett W. Hanger, Jr., Chairman
  • John C. Watkins
  • L. Louise Lucas
  • R. Steven Landes, Vice-Chairman
  • John M. O'Bannon, III
  • James P. Massie, III
  • Charles D. Poindexter
  • Johnny S. Joannou