Economic Development Subcommittee

Agency Oversight

The Economic Development and Natural Resources Subcommittee oversees the budgets under the purview of the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry, the Secretary of Commerce and Trade, and the Secretary of Natural Resources.

Goals: Provide a balance between expanding modern economic development opportunities while protecting the Commonwealth’s vital and abundant natural resources and supporting Virginia’s traditional and largest industries in agricultural and forestry production.

Agriculture and Forestry
  • Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and Virginia Department of Forestry.
Commerce and Trade
  • Economic Development Incentive Payments, including Governor’s Development Opportunity Fund, other performance based incentive programs and specifically tailored incentives programs for large economic development projects.
  • Ten Commerce and Trade agencies involved in a variety of activities including labor, industry, mining and profession regulations, unemployment compensation, and economic development and tourism promotion.
Natural Resources
  • Seven agencies involved in protection and management of the Commonwealth’s natural and historic resources, and recreational activities to include operation of 35 State Parks and licensing and regulation of hunting and fishing.

Subcommittee Staff: Charles Kennington and Jason Powell

Please find a link to each agency website, budget trends, and expenditure data under the categories of: Office of Commerce and Trade, Office of Natural Resources, and Office of Agriculture and Forestry

Office of Commerce and Trade Budget Trends Expenditure Data

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By Object, Program or Fund

Office of the Commonwealth Budget Trends Expenditure Data
Office of Natural Resources Budget Trends Expenditure Data
Office of Agriculture and Forestry Budget Trends Expenditure Data